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Explore the variety of unique experiences at Salva Ibiza Massage.

At Salva Ibiza Massage, we understand that each person is unique and seeks something special in their wellness experience. That’s why we invite you to explore our exclusive selection of massages, each designed to provide a unique experience that goes beyond expectations. Discover how each touch and movement becomes a special chapter in your journey towards emotional and physical fulfillment.

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Relaxing massage

Experience a sense of total relaxation and well-being with our relaxing massage. With gentle and fluid movements, this massage relieves accumulated stress in the body and calms the mind. Immerse yourself in a state of serenity as our expert therapists guide you towards deep relaxation. Each movement is designed to dissolve muscle tension and promote inner harmony. Enjoy a revitalizing experience that will leave you refreshed and full of positive energy.

Thai massage

Embark on a journey towards flexibility and vitality with our Thai massage. This ancient technique combines deep stretches and precise pressures to release blocked energy in the body and restore the natural flow of life. Our highly trained therapists work in harmony with you, guiding you through a series of movements that help you regain flexibility and strength. Feel the stress and tension dissolve as you immerse yourself in this journey of rejuvenation and renewal.

Deep Tissue

Immerse yourself in a deep and therapeutic massage designed to relieve muscle tension and restore mobility. Our therapists use specialized techniques to reach the deepest layers of muscles, releasing accumulated tension and promoting relaxation and overall well-being.

Prenatal massage

Experience gentle and comforting relief during pregnancy with our prenatal massage. Specifically designed for expectant mothers, this treatment offers a combination of gentle and safe techniques to help alleviate muscle tension, reduce swelling, and improve your overall well-being during this special time.

Circulatory massage

Improve blood circulation and revitalize your body with our circulatory massage. This invigorating treatment helps improve blood flow, reduce fluid retention, and promote a feeling of lightness and vitality throughout the body. Let yourself be carried away by the sensation of renewal and well-being as our expert therapists work to restore balance in your body.

Sports massage

Optimized for athletes and sports enthusiasts, our sports massage relieves muscle tension and enhances performance. Our expert therapists use specific techniques to target the muscles used during physical activity, helping to prevent injuries, improve flexibility, and accelerate muscle recovery.

Full body massage

Enjoy a comprehensive experience that combines various techniques for holistic well-being. Our expert therapists will customize each massage session to meet your individual needs, providing you with a wellness experience that encompasses your entire body. Immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation and renew your energy as you indulge in this unique experience of rejuvenation and renewal.

Sound healing

Experience the powerful healing of sound with our Sound Healing massage. Through the combination of therapeutic sounds and specialized massage techniques, this treatment takes you to a state of harmony and inner balance. Feel the restorative vibrations penetrate deep into your being, releasing energetic blockages and promoting a sense of peace and well-being. Let yourself be carried away by the melody of healing and discover the beauty of your own being.


Immerse yourself in the healing energy of Reiki, an energetic massage that balances your body and promotes inner harmony. Through gentle touches and manipulations, our therapists channel universal energy to remove blockages and restore balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Experience a sense of peace and well-being as you immerse yourself in this ancient healing practice.

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